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Northwest Premium Meats

I will be offering (after Board Approval) a list of all the meat processing equipment, coolers, freezers, supplies, office equipment and some rolling equipment from the Telkwa meat processing, cutting and wrapping plant to be sold. The processing building will also be sold. Offers on the entire package would be incouraged and considered and offers on individual componants will be considered.

After Board approval all componants of this meat processing plant will be individually priced and posted on this web site and on

After posting, distributing and advertising the price list a time limit will be issued for the public to view and to submit a bid on listed items. Bids will be reviewed on a scheduled date with winning bids selected and taken to the board for approval. Upon the boards approval the winning bidders will be notified of their successful purchase. Should the board reject a bid the highest bidder will be presented a counter offer to consider.

Scheduled posting of price list on this web site is Aug. 12, 2010 and local paper advertising is scheduled for August 18, 2010.

For more information contact me Charlie McClary